Airservices Australia's NAIPS service provides flight briefing services to pilots operating in Australian airspace. This app provides a quick and easy way to access basic NAIPS functionality in an app, rather than having to log on via a web browser.

Your username and password are remembered and used automatically, rather than having to log on every hour or so. Current features include location and area briefings and graphic charts (grid point winds, synoptic charts etc.)

Briefings are retained on the device (but marked as outdated after a period of time) so you can easily refer to a previous briefing, or share it via email or other applications. A quick refresh button will get an updated version of any previous briefing - in full, not just changes.

Location search uses an on-device database with all Australian airfields, ALAs, navaids and both VFR and IFR waypoints included. Coordinates and distance and direction from your current location are displayed, along with first/last light times.

This app is under active development and more features (e.g. flight planning and mapping) will be progressively released. All current functionality is free but some future features will be paid-for options.